Writing for a website that is not exactly the kind of writing that most of us learned in high school. There are some important differences to be understood before starting to write for a website. The most important thing to remember is that when you’re writing for readers who actually, you can also write to Google or another search engine. This is about what is meant by the SEO or search engine optimization. Besides how do you write for the website, how the site is made and labeled as important.

When the content, or articles, uploaded to a website, Google has something called the spider, which is a program that analyzes the content search for particular words and phrases are then used to index the page. Ever wonder why when you search for “Labrador retriever” that the site only by the term brought back? This is because Google has located and indexed pages with most terms of reference.

As a writer or web developer, you want to make sure that your content on the target to the entire page. For example, if the site is all about the Labrador retriever, so article on the Jack Russell terrier would not be any good for the entire page. And Google in the game, this is all about position.

SEO is not just about writing articles, as well as the organization and labeling. Pictures can also be optimized to improve the position and it would be nice spider. This is a good idea, and the principal of the SEO to label photos with the keywords you have targeted. For example, the photos are labeled usually given the name of the computer such as DSC00034.jpg. A name like that would not help at all sites. However, take some time to change the image name “Labrador retriever running” will appear as a derivative of the password and will improve the position.

Finally, when including the photo on the page, it is important to not only optimize them for keywords, but for the size and quality as well. We all enjoy seeing the beautiful pictures in high definition, but the Google spider not. Photoshop, Corel, or other image editing software can help change the image size and so they can help optimize your pages look beautiful, not only to those who visit, but the Google spider to be analyzed.

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