BlueScreenView Help Troubleshoot the Blue Screen of Death with BlueScreenView Bluescreen to see in Windows 7 helps you to find the mini dump file when the blue screen of death appears. BSOD protects your system from a huge loss because the system shutdowns when there is threat of injury. BSOD usually occurs due to a problem of the hardware driver and reboot only can get rid of, but sometimes troubleshooting is required. Blue screen is an excellent feature that shows dump file to read and find out the reason.

Now if you will launch “Blue Screen” will search for mini dump files and it will be on display. This mini dump files are created by the crash. The report generated by it will show you the files and dump in the bottom of this window you will see the managers responsible for this crash. If you want the properties of error in reading a table double click on the drivers. But if you do not want to mess up the whole scenario you can just show the driver files involved in the crash.

You can also report to a technician. For that, just right click on the dump file and select HTML Report from the pop-down menu. This will also save the report and you can use it in the future to identify other issues.

Bluescreen shows a different position and with his help restore the previous error of the BSOD. Additionally, you can adjust the settings for other things visible. This application is available in many languages and is compatible with XP and Vista too. This helps you find dump files and generating the error. So, you are not required to type in your hand.

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